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Accept Female Tone

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60 Capsules

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The Powerful Ingredients of female tone are Enriched with Ashoka, Palas,
Lodhra, Kaligami, Shatavari, Jiyapota, Apamarga, Kotha Grabha, Kavcha, Paras
Pipal, Banyan, Nagke shar, Tagar, Yashtimadhu, Safed jeera.
Key Benefits:
a 100% Ayurvedic
Releases Stress
a useful in digestiveweakness and loss of appetite
Helpful in improving overall health
a Provides strength & stamina
a Improves Energy Levels, Boosts Metabolism & Releases Stress
Each Capsule Contains
Serving per Container : 60


Multi Vitamin
Herbal Supplement
Provides strength, stamina
& improves overall health
60 Capsules